Nothin' Better than Love!

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

Anyone, who knows me well, will tell you this...I will always choose love.  I believe in it, make decisions based on it and get my soul friggin crushed because of it!  I put it out there everyday.  I'm vulnerable.  I believe people are good.  I believe eventually everyone will figure this out... 

The very last conversation I had with my late grandmother, Jane, was about love.  We agreed that giving and receiving love, to let it in unabashedly, in every aspect of your life, is truly living.  Living any other way is bullshit and a giant waste of time!

If you make decisions based on love, you can't go wrong.  The wrong happens, and I call these learning experiences, when choices and actions are made based on fear, hate or anger.  

Have you ever said something really mean to someone or gossiped about someone and then felt shitty about it?  That's because you're acting on something other than love.  This is not an authentic action.  You may believe you are deflecting and protecting yourself.  In reality, you are only hurting yourself and denying yourself that opportunity to love and be loved.

I spend so much time with women. We talk about everything, kids, friends, men, sex, money, food. We bounce things off one another when we aren't sure what road to take.  In every conversation, we always circle back to doing things and reacting with love in our hearts. 

I know, easier to pontificate than to actually do right?  Not really!  Think about how you want your child to move through the world.  Do you want them to be judgmental, gossipy and aloof? Or do you want them to see the world through open loving eyes?
Choose one and lead by example.  I'm hopeful everyone will figure it out!



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