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Female self-loathing. Ugh. Just those 3 words put together sound awful and that's before getting into what the phrase means. Why in the world do so many beautiful, seemingly happy women hate themselves?? It seems like a rhetorical question.  It seems unjustified on so many levels. Dig a little deeper and in actuality, most of us women have experienced some degree of self-loathing.

Some of us grew up with narrow-minded, judgmental, uber-conservative parents who couldn't fathom a woman doing anything a man could do better....why bother right?! Others of us have been in detrimental, abusive "relationships" with "men" who made us question our inner strength, sanity, and self-esteem on levels most women would never venture into on their own. Many of us, at some time or another, or even often, were told we were worthless, ugly, underserving, and would never amount to anything. 

So, now that I have my sweet little FitChick platform that I can yell on the rooftops from, I'm doing it. So listen up all you amazing FitChicks. If you don't like yourself, do. If you hate yourself, don't. If you're scared of loving yourself, start. Today is the day to feel good, feel great, feel beautiful, feel happy, feel responsible for how you feel about yourself. Despite what you may have heard part or all of your life, here's a big secret. YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS!

Who else is going to be there with you through it all? EVERY SECOND of the journey. I'm saying it again, no one but you. So grab the reigns, and take control. Because if you haven't found that self-loving yet, get ready for the most exhilarating ride of your life. 

I've grown to know that it takes some women longer than others to get into the sync of finding validity and self worth.  But really, it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it's happening. It can be anything from writing something you like about yourself and taping it onto your dashboard, to taking time out of your day to help someone else, to literally looking into the mirror and saying "I am beautiful." That last one takes 1 second. Do whatever makes you feel good and beautiful. You'll be looking for new ways to wow yourself, and hopefully you'll get to a point when you're a total natural with the whole self-loving thing. 

Our parents were right about some things, patience IS a virtue, and there's something so incredibly beautiful about a woman who's been hurt, ravaged, thrown to the hateful, but comes out of it feeling completely alive and at peace and more beautiful than ever. There's something just as breathtaking when a woman takes a chance on herself, and falls in love with everything about her. Just imagine finding your perfect soul mate within yourself and how great you would feel introducing that person to the man of your dreams. You might be a little intimidated by her.  But you wouldn't have to be, because that woman could be you, would be you, is you. Just look in the mirror. She's there. She is you!

Take a chance. Take that leap of faith. Do it today. This is one of the times when I can actually promise you a huge reward that won't require you sweating your butt off on the beach. You can do this all on your own. However feels best to you....This one is all you, and all for you. 

Enjoy the beautiful ride....



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