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I surround myself with strong women everyday.  I work with them, socialize with them and I’m raising one - my amazing daughter!  She is the strongest girl I know.

Now let’s back up and discuss what being strong is.  Being strong is being open, loving, honest, taking zero crap, and reminding others they are strong and worthy of love.

I don’t hang out with women/girls who can’t strap in and live like this.  Frankly to live any other way is bullshit and a giant waste of time.

Back to my daughter. She has a special physical condition that requires her to have surgery - many surgeries.  She has had 6 so far and is currently under anesthesia having another.  We must travel to Boston from San Diego for these surgeries.  When I told her we were scheduled for another surgery, she asked if we could fly to Boston a day early to do some “fun stuff”.  She did not feel sorry for herself, she did not cry, she did not complain.

She’s been smiling, happy, engaged for our entire trip.  The only time she faltered was just before being put under.  They put a giant mask on her and it scares the crap out of her.

She looked at her father and me and said “ok, I just need a minute, because I’m scared.”  Then she put her beautiful face into the mask, looking me straight in the eye and went to sleep. It kills me, crumbles me and makes me cry like a baby every time.  She’s so strong, so brave, so amazingly beautiful in these vulnerable moments.

She’s also incredibly bossy!  When she wakes up, she will demand a popsicle, water and some goldfish.  She will whisper in my ear “Mamma, it hurts and I want to go home”.  She will be smiling within an hour after she wakes.  

The question I get asked most often is, ”How do you do get through your daughter having to endure all this?”  I always respond “She’s my inspiration, she’s a badass and if she can do it with grace, then I must do the same.”  

Our challenges are always our greatest teachers.  That’s where the lessons are and that’s where you get stronger.  

So, don’t be afraid of a challenge!  Be a badass, be strong, be brave!



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