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There are a TON of things that I am thankful children, our health, my family, my friends, my business, I could go on and on. But living here in San Diego is something that adds the extra huge bonus to our already great lives, and something I think often gets taken for granted. I've tried to instill in my kids, from a young age, how truly blessed we are to live in such a spectacular place, but I think a lot of that deep appreciation doesn't come naturally until adulthood. So until then I will keep on raving about how awesome it is to live the SoCal life....and be grateful for it everyday!!

From our beautiful beaches scattered with natural treasures for us to explore, to awe inspiring hikes leading to breathtaking views, to road trips galore that can be taken all around our beautiful county, there is just so much to see and do here! It's no wonder our small beach towns get packed with tourists during Summer. They know how fortunate we are to live in this paradise and they want just a little slice of our heaven, even if it's short-lived, something is better than nothing!

There's always talk about Southern Californians and how jaded many people are here, and I have to agree that there are a ton of people here who live in a bubble. It's pretty sad but totally true. Oftentimes money seems like it's more important than actually experiencing and appreciating life, and I think that's pretty sad. So I've always made it a point with my own children, to keep them very grounded and engaged in all the non-material perks about living here....all the incredible scenery, nature everywhere, our sparkling Pacific Ocean, the warm sunshine, and really just feeling free and loving the outdoors.

I wish everyone would have a chance to run in the ocean at least once in their lives. It's so invigorating! I know my kids absolutely love going down to the beach, jumping in the waves, with sunlight scattering down on them....running around taking it all in as kids do so very well! But a lot of kids don't ever get that chance. They dream of seeing the ocean someday, but that day could be very far away. We all have our little slice of paradise that holds a special place in our hearts. For some it could be a special tree to sit under in a yard, for others maybe a snowy trail would be paradise. But for my kiddos and me, it's right where we are, right here, right now....

Life isn't perfect, and it's certainly not always easy, but I just feel so lucky and grateful to be fortunate enough to live here. Everyday there's something new to see and explore and appreciate. Life is beautiful and my wish for all of you is that you find your happy place where you feel as free and full of life as my kids and I do when we're enjoying the outdoors. SoCal is pretty awesome and I'm thankful everyday that I'm fortunate enough to raise my kiddos while working my butt off, in such a beautiful place.



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