The Value of Love and Time

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

It’s Sunday night and I just tucked my babies into bed.  We had the most amazing weekend.  We relaxed, snuggled, watched movies, had breakfast in bed, chilled at the beach, and smothered each other with hugs and kisses.  My kids ground me, center me, make me less selfish and I never get tired of seeing their faces when they walk into my bedroom in the morning...Sleepy eyes and giant smiles.  They snuggle up next to me and fill me with love I never imagined I could feel.  I feel loved and I know they do too!

I want more time with them!

My son is 10 years old. I realized today that he will be leaving my nest in less time than he’s been here!  NO!!!  Please make time stop!

Ahhh, but we know we can’t stop time.  We can only enjoy every single moment we have with those we love.  Love and Time.  Time and Love.  The two most precious things to me are Time and Love. I’m always wanting more of both.  

How do I get more? Time is a funny thing. The more I want it to slow down, the faster it seems to go.  The older I am and the bigger my children are, the more time seems to slip away.  

The only solution is to fill the time...This precious, unknown amount of time we have, with copious amounts of love. Give it with your whole heart and receive it with open arms.  Let whatever walls you have come down and and enjoy every ounce of love people give you!

Love is limitless, timeless, free, incredibly empowering, necessary for life.  It gives you wings, so you can fly.   When you give it and receive it completely and unconditionally, you are appreciating and honoring your time on this earth.  So, don’t hold it! Don’t withhold love...give it!  Don’t push it away...receive it!

Love is what you will leave behind. Love is your legacy once your time runs out.  How do you want to be remembered?



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