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People are always asking me, "What's your secret?" Truth is, my secret is that I don't have one. I keep my body healthy with my workouts, good friendships, and a strong family bond with my children. And, alongside that, I eat healthy food that is absolutely amazingly delicious! The end result is that my body and my mind love me back for taking such good care of ME. It really is that simple!

Now trust me, this wasn't an overnight thing for me. I battled hard for many years with how I felt on the inside and what I thought I was seeing on the outside. And it wasn't a good thing. But I eventually realized that none of my bad thoughts and feelings were getting me anywhere. So I started making small changes in my lifestyle, and before I knew it, it became a way of life. My body started to change, I could physically feel myself getting healthier. My overall outlook on feeding my body good (while still eating what I want) became a natural transgression of "you are what you eat" and "I love myself" and I became almost obsessed with nutrition and finding yummy foods my kids would enjoy too. It became fun! I realized this whole takin' care of your body thing really was fulfilling me in a way I had only imagined. And for the first time in a long time, my dreams were coming true. I felt amazing, like I had discovered a mine of diamonds, and I got to keep them all. My life's path changed because I changed my path, and I became committed to loving myself, my body, my food, my relationships, my work, my was so liberating!! The freedom of being ME and knowing that I'm in charge of how I look and feel, I swear, there is nothing more rewarding in life (aside from being a Mommy :) !! I finally had it all dialed in! I had the magic answers, the secret code to unlock ME!!  

So......if any of you want to jump on board with me and help share my "secret", please, dive right in!! You can find tons of my delicious recipes here, and a direct link to my out of this world, flying off the store shelves FitChick Granola here! I also encourage you to join us for our live beach workouts, or from the comfort of your own home! My beach workout video is a compilation of exercises I do everyday with my own clients---now you can workout with us, without actually being there, how awesome is that!? Please click here for more info on my video and how to order.

Remember, there's no reason to not love your body and your self, if you put your mind to it and make it happen. If the passion to change is there, the rest will follow. And when I tell you that you already have the secret inside to looking and feeling good, now you'll know what I mean :)



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