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I get pretty overwhelmed on Sundays. Because I know Monday is about to kick my ass!!!  My kids wake me up no later than 6am.  They want to snuggle. They want breakfast in bed. They want me!  And I want them.  I love our morning routine.  It fuels me and makes me feel so loved and connected.  And then it's go time and our butts are out the door by 8am.  I kiss them and send them on their way.  Then my workday starts.

A typical Monday for me is 5 back-to-back training sessions.  I have individual and group workouts on the beach.  I spend most of this time working out with my girls.  It’s non-stop for 5 hours straight.  We talk, we run, we do stairs, we run some more, plank, lunge squat, push-up, jump kick, do burpees, rings, repeat - for 5 hours - in the sun!  And I love it!  There's nothing better than filling my day with strong, beautiful, empowered, independent, driven, positive women.  It’s seriously my dream job.  I feel blessed, lucky, happy and fulfilled. But, man does it kick my ass!  

Ok, so that’s only half of my workday…At 1:30pm I drive 30 minutes (that’s 30 minutes of solitude) to my commercial kitchen.  FitChick Granola production happens on Mondays and man is it labor intensive.  First of all, it’s friggin Africa hot in the kitchen...Especially during the summer months. I measure, divide, roast and package pounds and pounds of granola - for 4 hours straight!  No assistant, chef or cook.  It’s just me!

So, when I'm done there, I’m pretty much on autopilot driving the 30 minutes back home.  Exhausted, dehydrated, starving and yet completely proud and accomplished.  

My work week is busy, non-stop, stressful, labor intensive and sometimes overwhelming.  There’s always so much to do when you have your own business.  People often ask me how many hours a week I work.  Uhhhhhh, as many hours as it takes…

My job as a mother is rewarding, overwhelming, scary and sometimes chaotic.  

Where the two meet, always, and everywhere in so special to me, and amazing. 

However, I have learned that if I don’t take time, to recharge, rest, relax and reflect, I will not be as productive.  That’s right, relaxation and taking time out, makes you more productive.  I used to have a very difficult time with this.  Relaxing seemed like a giant waste of time.  But, I realized I was totally wiped out. I wasn't as responsive, engaged or effective.  So, I had to step back and make time to recharge my battery.  Doing this made me a better mom, trainer, advocate, educator and motivator. It made me a better ME.

So if you're thinking of taking time for yourself, please know that it's good for you and don’t feel guilty about it.  

Chill, relax, unwind and then go kick some ass!!!



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