Emotional Intelligence

Posted on October 05, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

Anyone who knows me can tell you...I really am a very happy positive person. 
It would be impossible for me to do my job well, to be the badass mom that I am and cultivate friendships and strong connections without putting forth this energy into the universe.
Yes, the energy you put out into the universe comes back to you...in spades. Need proof?  Sir Isacc Newton had a theory that ultimately became a law of physics surrounding this exact notion! It's called Newton's Third Law of Motion.  The theory in a nutshell is this... "For every action there is a an equal and opposite reaction".  You put positivity out into the universe? It comes back to you!
I have gone through very challenging times in my life when maintaining a positive outlook was nearly impossible. 
Hormones, life situations, illness, heartbreak, financial issues can all make happiness difficult to see on the horizon.
So I have figured out ways to keep going when you think you can't. 

I let myself be sad, scared, angry or frustrated - whatever the emotion - when it arrives. I never try to push my emotions away. I feel them, acknowledge them and marinate in them. That's right, I can be super sad and feel completely demoralized. You have to be able to let yourself feel them, to share them with those you trust, to be completely vulnerable. 
Here is an example...
I told a colleague last week that it was so challenging to continue working on FitChick Granola. I want to propel it to the next level...national. I told him some days I want to give up because it's too damn hard. He said "We are badasses and not everyone has the balls to do what we do - running your own business is not for the weak, the negative or the faint of hard!" 
He's so right and just like that, I felt better. I let myself be vulnerable and say "this is hard and I'm scared"
He reminded me how far I have come.
The next thing I do is stay connected - emotionally connected! This is nearly impossible to do when you feel like a loser. I think we all want to retreat into ourselves when we feel this way. However, you must do the opposite. 
Here's how...
Hug and kiss people you love. Tell them you're feeling like a loser. I guarantee if they love you, they will rise up and kiss you and hug you right back. 

Sometimes we are challenged to understand and recognize our own thoughts, actions and emotions.  To know thyself is called emotional intelligence.  When you truly find you know yourself, you will not project emotions onto others, you will not blame others for your feelings, you will not judge others.

Your actions will reflect love for yourself and others.

And holy crap!  When you get to that place (and TRUST me you will!), it's so liberating.  You realize that your life, your destiny, your happiness is all in your hands.  So good!!!

So go be you, an emotionally intelligent you!  Be amazing.



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