What Matters Most to You?

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 1 Comment

What Matters Most to You?

As I grow older I learn how truly important the daily routine stuff is.  My daily routine might be boring to some, but I am so in love with it.  I am centered and connected because of it.

My daughter wakes me every morning by jumping in my bed, snuggling up next to me and kissing my head.  The feel of her next to me, her smell, her giggle, her words (everyday, I love you Mamma), make me feel alive and so completely loved.  My son comes in about 20 minutes later all warm and snuggly.  He likes to get under the covers and wrap my arm around his neck.  He grabs my hand and says “Mamma, can we have breakfast in bed”?  It’s always yes. YES, I make my kids breakfast in bed everyday!!!!  It’s the best thing ever and it make my kids so happy.  It’s so intimate and just us and starts our day so beautifully.  There is so much love in that bed.  Yes, I have to change my sheets - incessantly!!!

We also have this ritual called “Sweet and Sour”.  At dinner each night, we each take turns chatting about the best thing, (the Sweet) and the worst thing, (The Sour) that happened in our day.  Sometimes my kids chat about accomplishments at school or friends they got to play with.  Sometimes they simply say “Getting to see you Momma.”  

The people you share your life with day to day are what makes your life worthwhile.  There is nothing more important, more gratifying and more necessary to living a full and abundant life than connecting with other human beings.  The people you eat breakfast with, share all your secrets with and hold hands with - these are your people.  This gives purpose and meaning to your life.  You can own property, have millions in the bank, take exotic vacations.  Those things are all good. However, none of it truly matters as much as being able to share you life, heart, space and being with others you love and trust.

I acknowledge I have an extraordinary life.  I'm  established in a career I love which allows me to support myself and my children. My kids get to grow up at the beach and I get to pick them up from school everyday.  This is in sharp contrast to how I grew up.  I grew up in a completely unsafe, hostile environment and  I lived in fear most days.  I was alone most days.  
Now I am thankful... so incredibly thankful.  My children are healthy, safe, happy and loved.  We don’t do a lot of extraordinary things.  I can’t afford to take them on vacation, we live in a very tiny home and my children share a bedroom.  

But, we could not be happier...our home is filled with love and compassion for each other and the world around us and in the end, isn't that what matters most?

Enjoy and create the amazing life you deserve.  Figure out what’s important to you and do it!  

Now, Go.  Be you.



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Peggy A
Peggy A

November 04, 2019

Tammy – Love your blog. Love your positive thoughts! Feel very blessed our lives have crossed.

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