Let's Talk About Gratitude

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

I want to talk about gratitude.

I had a situation last week that was so stressful.  I was failing several of my retailers.  I didn’t have enough product and they were all sold out.  SOLD OUT!  Holy shit!  I felt like a loser.  OR NOT!  Wait a minute.  THREE of my retailers sold out of FitChick Granola because so many people are buying it.  It’s in DEMAND.  People like it.  People are buying it!!! It's like a Sally Fields moment from the Oscars when she said "Your really like me...YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!!"

Grateful is defined by Merriam-Webster as feeling or showing thanks.  Being grateful is an act and action, a way of being and living. I am beyond grateful... for so many things in my life today.  I’m pretty sure I would never wish for the roadblocks, setbacks, painful and heartbreaking moments I have endured over the course of my life so far.  But, on the other hand, I am grateful for having the strength to overcome them and thrive!   I am absolutely certain they have allowed me the perspective I have today and IN SPITE of the setbacks, I have picked myself up and dusted myself off and have been able to rise to any challenge proving to others, but most importantly proving to myself that I don't just meet a challenge...I can kick it's ass.

I have not always been a grateful person.  I have learned to be grateful from watching very ungrateful people.  You know those people?  They complain about anything, everything.  Snore….
Stop with the whining and complaining.  It makes you feel like shit about yourself and the only people that want to hang out with you are….yes, whiners and complainers.  Like attracts like.

Take a minute and think about 5 things you are grateful for.  Go ahead.  It’s amazingly calming and uplifting.  

Listen to this...I’m grateful I have an extremely stressful work week ahead.  I’m completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of getting it all done.  I want to be there for my clients, fully, engaged and giving them the most insane workouts.  I want them to leave so exhausted and worked that they feel mentally refreshed while physically spent.  I am in an extreme backorder situation with FitChick Granola.  I have to double my production this week which requires, double time, double money, double stress.  But, you know what?  I could not be more grateful. Because these are good problems to have!!! ((((THANK YOU))))  

So, when you think you can’t be grateful, can’t handle whatever stress or obstacle is in your way, change your perspective. Think about why it’s stressful.  Think about where you have come from.  Think about where you are going.  No matter what, you can always, always find something to be grateful for. Even if it is as simple as "I am grateful to be able to walk on my own to legs, to be able to inhale and exhale, the chance to live another day on this planet".

I mentioned earlier in this blog about like attracting like.  Begin to acknowledge the good in your life.  Be grateful for even the little things and watch what happens.  When you are grateful in life, the universe reciprocates by gifting you with more abundance. And who doesn't love that?  But, don't take my word for it.  Try it.

So give thanks, show gratitude, appreciate what you have.  Go be you.  Be amazing.



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