Hey girls - Let's make history and establish a new paradigm

Posted on February 19, 2019 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

Ahhh....let's ruffle some feathers. Women are pretty much done with being cornered, objectified and judged by simple minds - man or woman.

As women we are intelligent AND sexy.  We are ambitious AND dedicated mothers. We are independent AND want to be cherished. We love ourselves first AND then we can be free to love others.  

We (yes every woman reading this) collectively get to be all these things and to hell with the dichotomy.  We don't have to choose because we get to be and explore and celebrate all the things we are.  To define ourselves by any and all things WE choose. 

Let's step back a bit...

Sexism has been the norm for most of my life. I once worked for a company that only allowed men to wear pants!  Ha!  This seriously happened. We were required to wear skirts or dresses.  

I have been accused of being lazy, not working hard and being a terrible mother because I am on Instagram wearing a bikini!  Well...you might be reading this and agree.  If so, please STOP being a sexist pig (woman or man).  Seriously, you have a responsibility to understand that this is sexist, judgemental IGNORANCE and simply adds to the hate in this world. These sexist beliefs are established in a fearful mind. 

The great news is we don't really have to conform to old Mid Century rules.  My daughter will never have to be belittled in her career because she is gorgeous, smart, outspoken, independent, sensitive, sassy and funny.  Because women like us (yes you) and men like you (yes you) are not afraid. 

So, I will continue to be CEO, to build my brand, to blog and say whatever the hell I want, to be a completely dedicated mother and wife, to care about my appearance and you bet your ass I will do it all while wearing a bikini.  



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