Own your shit. Get your POWER back and stop being a victim

Posted on January 01, 2019 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments


The face you see here is a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur.  I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  I am also a survivor of a very tumultuous childhood where food, heat and safety were not always available. I have been stalked by a man and scared for my life.  I have been sexual harassed by 2 bosses. But, guess what people, I am no victim! 

Listen my loves, we have all had pain and trauma.  We have all had our heart broken or been abused or harassed. These are unavoidable pains of a life lived and will clearly alter and define our path.  These pains/traumas can be transformative.  They can be life changing but in a very positive way. I'm not suggesting you go out and try to make some bad shit happen. I'm saying we all have a responsibility to be better faster and stronger in spite of what we have endured or how we have been treated.  

Let's dig deeper...

I see a lot of pissed off people.  Grown men and women blaming their parents or the government or their ex-husband or wife. Their lives are unlivable, stagnant, boring, lonely, hideous and tragic because of something outside of themselves.  Because of something someone did to you? Ummmm hell no!

This mindset snatches your personal power.  It's not your fault someone hurt you.  I believe hurt people, hurt people.  

However, sitting in a blame pile of shit is such a waste.  You SURVIVED whatever the world has thrown at you.  It's your RESPONSIBILITY to thrive no matter what.  Yes, you are in charge of your life.  You get to have that power. 

So, what's the story you tell yourself? Does it sound like this? "I would be happy if blah blah blah didn't do blah blah blah to me." Total bullshit and your life will continue to be miserable if you keep telling yourself this.

So, here's what you do.  Begin today...right this minute.  Tell yourself you are in charge of your own life and happiness and misery. YOU GET TO CHOOSE.  It's a huge responsibility and it's easier to blame someone else.  Easier is not the way to a massively happy, successful, love filled existence.  Being honest with yourself, facing your bullshit and owning your personal power will transform you.

Transformation takes work.  The brain takes approximately 66 days to develop and habit.  To replace the old story with the new story, you need to believe it. Tell yourself every day on purpose that you are in charge.  Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  Forgive people who hurt you. Move on, let go and set yourself free.

Happy 2019!





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